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Five Orgasms For Jennifer

I worked with a client at in the past (we’ll call her "Jennifer") to great success. Within two consecutive hours of a Guided Session a she had five orgasms. I asked Jennifer if I could blog on her successes and she said yes.

She came to me with several goals. The first was learning how to make her orgasm easier to reach. The second was learning more pleasurable stimulation methods on the way to easier orgasms, the third was translating this into partner sex with her lovers, and the fourth was to learn how to have new orgasms and combinations of pleasures that her body had never felt before.

Before Jennifer had her O’s, she didn’t say that more orgasms was a goal, but after her third, she was very happy with the bonus. I did explain to her that the primary goal of the Guided Sex coaching is not orgasms during the session. It’s getting practice to proficiency with my methods and exchanging in-the-moment info and feedback.

You can never be sure how many climaxes a woman will have when she makes first contact with my material and if she doesn't have any, clients practice on their own and schedule more sessions.

Jennifer said my methods for keeping her mind focused on her pleasure and keeping her technique solid throughout made the greatest impact. That's what produced those five orgasms. She then added that without the quality skills I taught her, she wouldn't have taken her body to those new places.

She finished her first session already a transformed woman. Jennifer respects the value of strong sexual stimulation skills, her body's need for them, the right mindsets to get her big O's, and how much more interested she is to have either solo or partner sex because it all works so much better than before.

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