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Taylor, age 30

I have had the pleasure of learning both male and female pleasure from Eric. Eric has taught me so many various ways of pleasuring my body, I can’t believe I went so many years without this knowledge! I am fascinated with what my woman’s body is capable of. It’s the best thing I have ever experienced and ever done for myself. The guided sessions were life changing. Eric is professional, detail oriented and very easy to work with. His Talk Sessions on male pleasure have enhanced my relationships tremendously. Best investment in myself I’ve ever made! Thank you!

George and Diana, on their Guided Sessions

Despite the fact that we are in our 70`s, Eric has been able to teach us more than a dozen new techniques in a few sessions.   He is on site explaining everything while the techniques are underway and sees that they are done right. Eric does not take up much time at all with exercise instructions. His sessions show a great deal of professional knowledge which he imparts throughout .  He customizes each session to our requests .  As a result of his sessions, we are able to communicate much better with each other, more openly and in more detail.  We are more comfortable with all sexual matters. Eric`s manner is very professional, yet positive and collaborative.

Patricia, age 40

I started a new relationship with a great guy, but he had problems with ED. I have never encountered this before and knowing it’s a highly sensitive topic, I wanted advice. I contacted Eric and he gave me a realistic framework of what I was getting myself into before he started in on solutions. The exercises he gave me for my own body have helped me orgasm easier. The methods he gave to approach talking on integrating some great new sex toys worked nicely and some new sex skills made the ED not as big a deal as it was. I’m grateful I followed Eric’s advice instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water. The coaching has lead to more adventurous sex going beyond typical vaginal play.

Tina, age 25

I find myself becoming less guarded and inhibited when it comes to sex now. There’s definitely been self-discovery through my two sessions with you. I don’t get as embarrassed or feel as hindered by my own mental dialogue and anxiety. These things have always prevented me from enjoying the PHYSICAL aspect of sex. What I’m working on now is I have to stop fretting about whether I am sexy enough, if I am wet enough, if he is enjoying himself…or if I will ever orgasm…. So, on to new revelations during our next session! And I can tell you about my latest breakthrough when we chat!

Jocelyn, age 27

Thank you so much for your time and energy while working with me. You were extremely patient with me and my frustrations, and you impressed me with your wealth of information and ideas. You offered options that I’d never considered, and you certainly were willing to give me whatever time was necessary for me to understand your suggestions and ask questions.

Sarah, age 30, who just recently had her first orgasms during intercourse with her husband

The individual and couple benefits my husband Jeremy and I have already enjoyed from your clear, creative knowledge base are incredible! I felt somewhat off-course over the years when I’ve focused on what was missing with sex, that maybe dissatisfaction was more a result of other marital woes and not at the heart of things. I was afraid to know what I knew (that sex is so central to my life force & if I can’t figure out how to have a fulfilling sex/life journey with my spouse, our union can’t indefinitely withstand the pressure). Many relationship and personal habit adjustments are further possible with your practical help!

Working with a professional, enthusiastic straight guy has given my husband such a masculine boost- he’s got tailored access to accurate info that guarantees more physical lovin’ with the woman he loves. And with your support and insights into women and sex, I’m moving into a stronger place… with renewed courage to evolve sexually. Celebrating with Jeremy rather than down-playing my non-conventional side and need for growth. My refreshed, excited spirit makes it so I can’t wait to implement principled actions (with regard to caring communication, techniques, and attention to details/bigger picture modes) in and out of the bedroom. Areas where we don’t match up exactly aren’t so threatening or necessarily static. Our sexy time has a new lightness and patience in addition our concentrated practice and focus. I don’t think traditional therapy avenues would yield that core result for us. And it’s just gotta be more fun!

You are a gem among men and experts. I say that not knowing you long- but I dig the steady, genuine vibe to which approach your coaching sessions and writing perspective!


THANK YOU for making yourself available for those seeking real sexual expression!!

Jocelyn, age 27

Thank you so much for your time and energy while working with me. You were extremely patient with me and my frustrations, and you impressed me with your wealth of information and ideas. You offered options that I’d never considered, and you certainly were willing to give me whatever time was necessary for me to understand your suggestions and ask questions.


Thanks for the talk-coaching session today. Can’t wait to put it into action tonight! You’ve completely revolutionized our marriage over the last few months.

Kim, age 32

We were skeptical to say the least that a straight man had anything to teach a lesbian couple in need of a resurrected love life. After our consultation, it was clear that Eric loves women and pursues their pleasure the same as we do. The results were far greater than we expected. He knew more about p***y and what to do with it than we did, but not anymore, after hiring him.

J., age 46

Looking back over where I was just a few short months ago is a testimony to Eric’s ability to meet someone where they are and work from there. It’s hard to put in to words but he helped me to face one of my biggest fears in a comfortable and non-threatening yet honest setting.

First I did Talk Sessions, then felt Guided Sessions was the next best step. The thought of Guided Sessions was hard for me at first- little did I know how healing being self-sexual in front of someone safe and non-judgmental would be. Eric is professional but also very real which is rare to find in any field, let alone one with ’taboo’ subject matter.


The vulnerability feelings came up, but went away very quickly with a trusted someone…no words to describe. I felt like I was seen and accepted and that alone was worth the experience. Not only have I felt changes in my self confidence but parts of my life have unlocked I never knew existed.


So much of my fear of sex is gone. I know I still have some ways to go but THANK YOU Eric for making such a difference.

Michael, age 48

My partner Mark and I have been wanting to spice our sex life back to where it was for a while now and Eric made it natural and enthralling, showing how the pieces all fit together. Great teacher!

April, age 34

I was nervous, but it turned out very comfortable and definitely helpful. I’m excited to work on this and be excited about

sex again.

Roger, age 51

I love the better understanding of what places on my penis feel better when stimulated and stimulated the best way for me. It’s made my masturbation and intercourse better at the same time. It makes it easier to know what my penis needs at this point in my life to orgasm during intercourse, which was a problem for me. I lasted forever, and women loved that, but I and they also wanted me to come in them too. Eric rocks.

Karen, age 44

Wow, so our Guided Session. Was. Amazing. I was falling into a rut of unsatisfying solo orgasms. I could have one by using my hand, but that usually takes about 20 minutes on a good day. When I use the Hitachi Magic Wand I can get one out in a minute, and though those were the stronger O’s I had, they were still leaving me wanting more. When I couldn’t get more out of self-loving I would give up after about an hour to an hour and a half, and still unsatisfied.

Eric Amaranth, you helped me get back to how to have those satisfying, powerful orgasms. And what a wonderful time it was!!! You have a wonderful gift to be able to talk about the fine-tuning sides of sex and technique that brings out the best pleasure my body can make, and never during our session did I feel uncomfortable. Truly, you have a gift, and what a wonderful one it is.

If someone is struggling with anything, from the minute details of showing interest in another person to complicated sex techniques I would strongly recommend you (I’ve already suggested to a few people that they go to you!). Thank for you all of your help, you are absolutely brilliant!!!

Lucy, age 27

It was good for me to hear that I’m not “broken” — that there are tons of wonderful things for anyone looking to improve their sex lives, regardless of personal “limitations.” 

Irina, age 41

I learned some hot skills that I will hopefully be able to put into practice soon! I also typed up all my notes so I have a nice reference sheet to refer back to! You were very easy to talk to and I was not embarrassed or uncomfortable at all. You are so knowledgeable and respectful of women and their bodies, which is way cool. You definitely have a gift.

Wendy, age 29

I tried a sex coaching session with Eric for a problem I had with my boyfriend, and I have seen a huge improvement in just one  session. The ideas he gave me, I have implemented. Yes, it does require being willing to try some new things. One of the techniques he gave me, probably the most important one, is how to talk to my boyfriend, something totally unexpected from a sex coach. I thought it was all technique. I can’t wait to see what more I will learn, hmmmm…

Tina, age 36

I loved the sessions. They changed my and my husband’s life forever. You have a good style and it worked for me. Have a fantastic weekend! Thank you so, so, much.

Eva, age 29

If I hadn’t gotten a sense of who you were from reading your blog, I never would have contacted you or felt you could help me, or wanted you to help me. You made me feel very safe and that is so huge for me, re: the baggage stuff I talked about during our consult. I mean I’m taking care of myself for the first time but a big part of that is allowing myself to be completely honest with you.

Irene, age 55

Great first conversation! I felt comfortable talking to you about this, you have a very reassuring, warm but professional manner. Trust is essential here. The Guided Sessions is the best method for me. I need someone to keep me on task so to speak and I think a Guided Session will help you figure out where I need to focus. Also I know I will gloss over the steps that I’m not comfortable with or I get frustrated with and if you’re there (via skype) you can help me to avoid that. I feel like a need a personal trainer, only for sex, to get me through this. On my own, I’ll just give up.

Patti, age 50

It was Eric’s expertise and naturalness in the area of human sexuality that were the deciding factors in my choosing his Guided Sessions option, along with the fact that he trained with Betty Dodson for over ten years. Eric’s comfort with and support of his clients’ pleasure can only enhance the experience of those that are ready for this empowering learning experience. Eric answered many indirectly related sex and dating questions. All this was done over skype, which I thought would make the interaction a bit cold, but it didn’t and within the first week I was recommending him to friends!

Jorge, age 37

Working with Eric is a great experience. His extensive knowledge and experience made me feel confident and his suggestions were both practical and creative. He provides the kind of information and support that is both rare and incredibly valuable to men who are building sexual confidence with women and enjoying the kinds of sex they want the most.

Tina, age 33

My husband and I are doing great. You certainly helped us with new ideas that work great and more importantly, with making time (longer time) for good sex mostly focused on me and my pleasure. My husband is all about that, too. For most of our marriage we didn’t do that (I certainly didn’t demand it), so it’s great to do now!

Larry, age 27

Eric’s doing a great job so far with helping me be more confident and caring with women. I love women, but had such fear when with them. That’s much reduced now and dates are going much better for me. Looking forward to a night of sex with a new girlfriend. Eric covered that too. I feel so much better prepared than ever before.

Rachel, age 34

Thanks Eric, for another fun, inspiring, completely useful…and on and on….and on….(this is me going on and about you!) session. But seriously, for about a year now, I have been focused on putting the intimate and erotic spark back into my loooong term relationship with my husband. Since I’m not one for romantic gestures, I knew that more romance, the typical prescription, would not suit. A few good books started me down the right path, especially as I redefined myself, started to SEE myself as a sensual woman, not only a wife and mother. That was important, but until I found your practice, I was inching along in the partner sex area. So thank you for being that super experienced advisor and confidant that I absolutely need to take my sex life where I want it to go. Also, the afore mentioned husband thanks you several times a week, in an indirect way.  Well…he doesn’t scream your name or anything, but that would be weird for me  Enough gushing! Gotta run. I have this wonderful list of new sex things that my advisor wants me to work on….

Jennifer, age 24

Eric proved to me and supported me in accepting my preferred form of stimulation to orgasm. It fits my body’s needs and no guilt from pressure to climax a certain way. Thank you, Mr. Amaranth.

Alicia, age 31

Intense, groundbreaking, revealing, memorable session. Thank you! Will follow up with a technical question on something I learned last night!

Arthur, age 43

My premature ejaculation is finally history! My girlfriend is loving life and so am I.

Rachel, age 35

My husband and I are sexually experienced and we had no idea how eye opening your information would be especially in regards to the physiology of good sex and the strength and impact of your techniques. You were right that we may have gone for years never discovering these things, or taking forever to find them on our own.

Sandra, age 45

Thanks Eric. We were very pleased with our sessions with you. Far above expectations. You’re very impressive at what you do. I’d love to hear your thoughts on places we might want to venture next! You’re a life-changer! the new discoveries in myself and my husband (and new pleasures) just keep on coming!

Cynthia, age 42

I want to thank you again for our conference call this morning and tell you that it was a very beneficial start to my ‘awakening,’ shall we say. You clarified the basic questions I had and helped me understand some new things. I also appreciate your last statement about recognizing my own emotions within what I would call an energy exchange with someone new. I made a conscious decision when I decided to talk to you. It was scary because you are tied to sex and eroticism and I have never allowed myself to fully open up and stay in that place very long. But now I have spoken to you and it was fine. So, thank you and until we speak again!

Katherine, age 25

I had some bliss last weekend…. So it was very good!!! Thanks so much for helping me create it around fun and not accomplishment … 

Nora, age 33

Working with Eric has literally changed my life. After a long break from sex and dating, I reentered the scene but was unable to climax with any partners. Eric helped me understand and identify that my issue was overstimulation and he gave me practical suggestions on how to refocus my attention. He also provided fun homework activities that I could do by myself which prepared me for hot sessions with my partner. While I know that this may not apply to all women, I went from having-a-great-time-but-no-orgasms to enjoying serial orgasms. I appreciate Eric's candor and benefit from his wide-range knowledge on many topics. I feel comfortable reaching out when I hit a new challenge (and I have!) and he's always super responsive and supportive. I cannot over-recommend working with Eric -- it's a game (and life!) changer!

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