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Your privacy as an individual or couple is as important to me as it is to you. All clients and prospective clients are kept strictly confidential as is the content discussed in you consultation and sex life coaching sessions. This is put in writing in the coaching agreement and NDA e-documents that both I and new clients sign.

All inquiries made to me via my contact form are sent to my hackerproof email account whose very long, fully-randomized password is protected by My internet connection is made via Virtual Private Network as well. I will only reply to you with my protonmail account. Clients can get their own protonmail account to send and receive encrypted emails between us if desired.

All of my video-conferenced sessions are now done with the free and hackerproof VSee Messenger. My VSee password is protected by 1password as well. It is also a much faster and clearer vid conf platform requiring much less bandwidth than Skype, FaceTime, etc, so clients with wifi and overseas can have strong vid connections. For more information on VSee's superiority, read this blog comparing VSee to Skype.


I do not make or save notes of my sessions and client information as an added security measure. This also keeps my clients' more involved with their coaching via good notetaking.


All contracts are signed and stored via Docusign and therefore no contract or agreement is stored on any device that I own that could be compromised. Docusign password is long, randomized, and protected by 1Password. My cell phone is also 6-digit password encrypted and 2-factor authenticated, as is this website. The Protonmail app stores all its emails on its secure servers and I log out of the app after every use.


VIPs and everyone else can rest assured that I stand by my word and am ready to make any additional arrangements necessary to keep your identity and personal information secure.


Client success stories and client submissions that are covered in my blog have names and identifying characteristics changed, and are published only with the express written consent of the client. Lastly, if a client or prospective client informs me in sessions of heinous illegal activities they perpetrated or are planning, I am legally bound to report them to the proper authorities.


Feel free to contact me with any additional questions or concerns, and looking forward to advancing your sex life.


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