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Sex Life Coaching For Orgasmic Quickies

Sex life coaching can show you how to have the hours-long sexathons with plenty of orgasms. Coaching can also lead you to your best quickie. The better you are with quickies, the better you are with fitting sexy time in; especially when you're a parent.

Quickies often lead to an orgasm for him but not for her. Still, the sex was hot and fun and she doesn't have to come to have fun. Imagine a quickie where she could orgasm every time and climax faster-- before, during, or soon after his orgasm.

You can learn sex skills that speed up and also intensify women's orgasms. What would take 15 minutes or longer before now takes 5-10 minutes or less depending on the woman. Or, if she needs even more time, the time to her orgasm is still much shorter than it was before implementing the new sex coaching material.

Easier and faster access to orgasm during intercourse creates a relieving oasis for women where she can rely on that burst of pleasure she loves and still make it to her next event. The easier and more often she can have sex, the more he gets and the more willing she is to do more quickies. Some interested clients of mine have two or more mutually orgasmic quickies per day.

Learn about the core better orgasm skills I teach and you can have that life-affirming quickie. Clients (and me too) inevitably will craft the most reliable and pleasurable mutual-orgasm-during-intercourse recipe to use when sex time is at its shortest. Modern life (plus parenting, or running a new business/research) is demanding of our time, but master better quickie skills and mutually orgasmic sex will be back on the menu.

P.S. Another thing I teach my clients is learn when to say no to things. I read an article on what purportedly makes geniuses different from the rest of us and one of the two most interesting characteristics was they know when to say no to yet another draw on their time when their schedule is full. I know that taking on more than you can accomplish is a compulsion for some of us, but there are big downsides like more stress and denying time to our sex lives; which when you're good at sex is a loss to quality of life.

You can't expect to be happy when you take on everything and wonder why you never get to step off the hamster wheel long enough have great sex. Oh, and the other thing geniuses do better is not stopping or losing morale when they fail. They use the failure info to fuel the next attempt and end up succeeding when all the others fail because they just keep going.

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