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Professional Massage Cures Sense of Touch Loss

What I mean by "sense of touch loss" is a mental state I've observed in people whereby they have an advanced degree of disconnection from the pursuit and enjoyment of stimuli that serves the sense of touch. In other words, they have a hard time valuing differing combinations of affectionate, sensual, relaxing, therapeutic, or erotic touch. This is formed from multiple sources of conditioning, but not least of which is derived from a long stretch of time without significant and consistent resources for fulfilling forms of touch. A withering on the vine occurs.

You may have seen click bait articles online describing how senior single and widowed adults are starved for touch and suffer subtle consequences. This is similar to that, but is experienced in the midst of active romantic relationships. When clients like these come to me to strengthen their musicianship with touch, they often have a hard time implementing my methodology.

It was my mentor Betty who taught me that you must, to some degree, get clients immersed in some kind of positive/healing touch sooner than later in their learning process because feeling quality touch guides the mind and body-mind in the right direction. You could equate it to handing someone a box full of symphonies, jazz, or rock to listen to with maybe a glass of brandy; concentrating on the music, not doing homework with it in the background. So to should one devote time to on-order professional touch from a massage specialist of choice. It doesn't much matter what kind from hot rocks and deep tissue to nuru massage (if you can find it legally). You have to get immersion going and then learning to give effective positive touch to others is more easily within reach.

I would advise massage at least twice a week when starting out if possible or at minimum once a week. If negative triggers come up, then it's more good data brought to the surface for resolution possibly with a psychologist. Making lives far better, making sex lives work well, then in time fantastically well is what my sex life coaching provides. One of Betty's more memorable sayings was, "Good sex begets more sex." The transition clients have from the feeling, the life, of no or limited sexual and/or touch expression to access to all of that is one of the early milestones I love seeing people reach.

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