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Your Sex Life After Relationship Therapy or Marriage Counseling

Eric has worked with many partnered and married couples who improved their relationship after participating in relationship therapy, coaching, or marriage counseling. These clients reported that the two greatest benefits of it were alternative communication skills and a lightening of resentments that long-term relationships can gather. Their hearts warmed again for one another. Affection and forgiving became easier. With their newfound closeness, sexual feelings were rekindled. However, these clients understood that sexual enhancement is not the core strength or goal of these forms of therapy. It was perfect timing to follow up with sex life coaching because: • Couples feel positive toward each other, but they want things to be even better. • They want to fall back in love again and have great, multiple-orgasmic sex. • Creating an exciting sex life requires being on the same team, which marriage counseling sets into place beforehand. • Many of the communication skills learned in marriage counseling are a perfect lead-in to starting a great sex life. • The couple who can rely on having great sex together respects and values each other in a whole new way.

Saying No To Infidelity and Divorce

Eric Amaranth worked with his mentor, Betty Dodson, Ph.D. for ten years on her website. Eric took notice after reading large numbers of emails, year after year, from individuals asking Betty for help because they were considering infidelity or divorce due to long-standing sexual problems with their spouse or partner. Other people who wrote in had already gone through with infidelity and/or divorce and wanted advice on what to do next or how to break out of the pattern. The reason for their considerations or actions was simple: Important sexual needs were not being met by their relationship. It had nothing to do with not being in love anymore. The reasons for divorce and infidelity are many depending on the couple. However, Amaranth believes that the most common reasons are lost cornerstones of a long-term relationship. Before sex life coaching, the missing piece was always what happens after marital therapy is completed: general relations are positive, but sex isn’t that much better or significant sex life problems were never addressed or resolved. The answer then was to cope and accept. Now, sex life coaching is the next step for developing the sexual sophistication in relationships necessary to cut our current infidelity and divorce rates. If you’re having relationship and marriage problems surrounding your sex life, make the decision to change everything and want better. Sex life coaching paired with marital therapy has proven itself to be a powerhouse. Advance and nourish your relationship via sex life coaching.

The Best in Safe Sex

Today, more and more people want to explore sex with more than one partner, but also want to do so as safely as possible. Others are interested in safe sex techniques within a relationship. Eric Amaranth can coach you on: • The latest techniques for even more pleasurable and safer sex than what you learned in sex-ed class. • The ways to make safe sex feel better for men and women alike. Returning to the dating pool after a long-term relationship or marriage, where safe sex is a must. • Comprehensive and up-to-date info on Sexually Transmitted Diseases and birth control.

Solo Sex and Orgasm Skills

Eric’s sex life coaching mentor, Betty Dodson, PhD, focused much of her sex coaching work and first book, Sex For One, on teaching women sex and orgasm skills via masturbation, or solo sex. Eric continues to coach on this fundamental form of sexuality via both of his primary sex life coaching methods, Talk Sessions and Guided Sessions. Betty taught him that women and men do well to familiarize themselves about their solo sexual function, then apply that to partner sex. Additional advantages of solo sex are: • A great format for women for reaching their first-time orgasm and then more advanced sexual skills like g-spot orgasm. • Breast stimulation skills and integrating that with her genital pleasure. • Adding to men's solo sex skills to increase orgasm strength, prostate play, and ejaculatory control. • Allows you to optimize certain forms of stimulation during intercourse and partnered sex.

Sex Life Coaching for Advanced Clients

Amaranth has communicated with many individuals, couples, and moresomes who feel they’ve mastered the basics and the intermediates covered by the sex teaching books, videos, and sex-ed professionals out there. They are right when they say there’s a lot of square-one sex teaching and coaching offered out there, but what has been largely non-existent is advanced-level sex teachings. Eric’s advanced sex life coaching fills that void. The subtle details and nuances are stressed. Intricacies and mastering complex sex skills are focused on. Some examples include: • Coordination and combinations for bigger orgasms, layered orgasms, and sequential orgasms. • Orgasm alternation (especially in women). • How a twosome can create the experiences of a threesome. • Keep the evening’s sex rolling on and on after the first and second orgasm. • Advanced come control for him. • Combining psychological erotic with complimentary physical sexual skills. • Making threesomes and moresomes truly unforgettable. •Authentic fantasy roleplay and sex design.

Coaching for Conservatives

I’m interested in helping those whose beliefs follow a more traditional path. There is a full spectrum of beliefs pertaining to sex-in-marriage throughout the worlds’ religions from procreation-only to you can do almost anything as long as you’re married. Sex life coaching with me puts the conservative client in control of a uniquely customized format. If you cannot engage in a particular sexual act, that act will be omitted and others that you can enjoy will be focused on. For example, if vaginal intercourse with a penis is the only form of sex that you are allowed to engage in, then you will learn the sexual skills to make it even better. Eric also works with you on approaching and taking your first steps with sex. One substantial problem thus far with traditional approaches to marriage has been the neglect of teaching sexual skills before the wedding night. Traditional couples are often trapped into making the same mistakes in the bedroom, spinning their wheels, or quitting their sex lives very early on with all the attending resentments and baggage. Sex life coaching changes all of that. Eric will provide the intimate, great-feeling, fun, and healthy sex knowledge and skills you want without compromising your beliefs or convictions.

Better Sex During Pregnancy

For too long, pregnant women interested in sex have shunned those feelings. In other cases, their partners have historically been unsupportive of or insensitive to a pregnant woman’s sex life. Eric Amaranth can teach new and soon-to-be parents: • The best positions for sex during the second and third trimester. • Sexual touch she can look forward to.. • Develop sexier perspectives for her body image. •Ways to connect sexually while the new mom can’t have sex on Dr’s orders.

Welcome to Adulthood!

Sit down with Eric Amaranth after you turn 18 to get serious about what it takes to have the sex life of your dreams. Who has time for urban legends and half-baked sex ed from peers, porn, and the internet? Eric teaches you: • Intercourse skills from basic to intermediate. • Great kissing methods and guidelines. • The philosophy for men and women to do their part in the bedroom. • The best ways for safe sex, sexual responsibilitie,s and the respect you get from being great in bed. •Ejaculatory control and premature ejaculation.

Pre-Sex or Pre-Marriage: The Virgin’s Guide

People begin their partner-sex lives every day. Many of us wonder how to prepare for great sex beyond sex education basics. Putting sexual skills and relationship foundations in place is what Eric Amaranth and his sex life coaching does for clients who want to: • Have amazing sex, but want to wait to do so with their husband or wife. • Start off with some strong sex skills knowledge for themselves and their partner before their first night of sex. • Put aside pre-sexual frustrations, mysteries, and fears. • Learn how to make sex incredible despite genital size discrepancies. •Keep a continuous source for developing further sexual sophistication.

Coaching for Twenty and Thirty-Somethings

Most of my clients in their twenties and early thirties are individual clients an compromise the smallest portion of my clientele. Young couples work with me even less often. I think I understand why. Our culture and basic basic human nature encourages us all to feel most attracted to young adults for an obvious reason: the sexual attractiveness of youth. This powerful psychological turn-on is an undeniable part of how most of us view “hot” sex at any age. Many of us see this as the only thing that determines the quality of a given sexual encounter. This, among other reasons such as hubris and taking their first steps out into life, is why most young adults eschew development until they’re old and/or in long-term relationships. Imagine what it would be like if you had youth, beauty, AND sexual skills. This is something I realized when I was a teenager reading sex self help books in bookstores at the mall. I read personal accounts in these books of people wishing they had this information in their twenties and thirties– or sometimes forties or later. They were happy they had it now, but could only imagine what it would have been like to have strong sexual pleasure skills in their prime. That particular “What if…” is a key reason why I became who I am today. I remember reading those books, before I’d begun my sex life, feeling like I’d just seen into the future and could remake myself. I couldn’t wait to have them both. I am living that dream as I write this and I say to those of you in my generation and the one before me, have your cake, one of the very best of cakes, and eat it too.

Great Sex for Empty Nesters and Seniors

The time when children are out of the house is a big moment. It’s a tremendous change after 18 to 25+ years of one life to another. “Alone at last,” as they say. Retirement is another big moment. You get more free time than you’ve ever had. These are the times to get back into sexual pleasure. Everyone knows extra time and privacy are the ideal conditions for: • Redefining your relationship outside of parenthood back to the romantic lovers mode. • Learning how sexual skills puts sex on the menu more often vs waiting for sexual desire to initiate it. • Mastering energy-efficient intercourse and sex technique. • Getting some wellness practices in place for longevity. Furthermore, our culture has made the mistake for too long in placing almost all of its reliance for sexual excitement on youth and beauty. However, it’s been proven time and again that people lose interest in youthful partners’ looks decades before aging becomes a factor. The answer to this problem is selecting an alternative: a more stable resource for sexual enjoyment. Sexual sophistication born out of the sexual skills you learn via sex life coaching changes very little with time. It only gets better as long as you continue developing your sex skills with your partner. Making someone’s body feel incredible things is hot at any age.

I wish I could do _______ with my partner. (Or do it better!)

One of the most common reasons clients come to Eric is to learn how to improve a catagory of sex play like oral sex, anal sex, or orgasms for her. Many clients want all of the above and then some. High-quality sexual skill sets learned during coaching grants those wishes.

Ejaculatory Control For Men

Eric teaches men his techniques for calming down high arousal and making things last as long as is desired. Sexually sophisticated women admire a man who can last long enough to keep providing intercourse stimulation all the way through to her first orgasm at least. Amaranth will get you there and show you where to go for her second, and third, and after your own.