Thinking About A Vasectomy? Read This First.

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I was considering getting a vasectomy so that my wife wouldnt have to continue using an IUD and I wouldn't have to suffer the sometimes-uncomfortable rubbing and bumping of the head of my penis against the IUD string during intercourse.

Then it occurred to me that, like any other medical procedure, I should research it for side effects and botcheries. I found this article: Long-Term Complications of Male Vasectomies. It was first written in 2001 by Kevin Hauber and updated just this month.

Quoted from the end of the article, which says it better than I could have:

"Friends and acquaintances, upon hearing what has happened to me, often remark, “Gee, I’ll bet that really messes up your sex life!” What I can tell you is that it really messes up your whole life, as anyone who has chronic pain will tell you. I have learned beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is much better to alter your attitudes and practices than your body for the sake of convenience."

Kevin Hauber is the author of If It Works, Don’t Fix It: What Every Man Should Know Before Having a Vasectomy. He has a website dedicated to the same topic at

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