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Layered Pleasure, Orgasms, and the Sundae Effect

A client got excited when I told her in her consultation about what I call layered orgasms and layered pleasures. The pleasures part is when you have two or more erogenous zones stimulated simultaneously. I call this the "sundae effect".

The trick is how well you can do two or more at once and do them both well-- how good a sundae maker are you? The client had gone through partners being so-so to worse at doing one thing at a time. At best, a rare partner could do one thing well and when they tried to do another, it was okay, but not to the quality of the single sex skill they were good at. For example, this commonly appears with guys who are great at intercourse, but doing good breast stimulation at the same time is lackluster: the action drops in and out like they've forgotten about doing it, it's too rough, or both.

My client said she loves her masturbation time even when she has a partner because that's when she gets to call all the shots and she can regulate the stimulation perfectly. She also spends time practicing doing two different things at once because she wants to know what it feels like to have two amazing things happening to her and how much stronger the climaxes are from the combo.

That brings me to layered orgasms. That's when you have two different kinds of orgasm, from two different orgasmic zones at the same time or one right after the other. For those who haven't done that, imagine what that must feel like. My client did and wanted more insight on how to get there.

She has the goal that most of my clients do which is maximizing the pleasure and orgasms they can have. Some people devote extra time to golf or knitting because they love it. Some people do so with honing their sexual pleasure skills.

I also plan on coaching her on how to find a guy who is able to think outside the box that the culture gives us because he wants to be a part of creating big female orgasms. Also, being on the receiving end of layered action too. Speeding up your time to orgasm and between sequential orgasms is one of the first major side benefits to getting good with layered pleasures. It does wonders for women seeking first-time orgasms too.

Again, the sundae effect: multiple pleasures combining into one greater unique sensation which gives your brain more reasons to orgasm sooner and/or bigger. I know many women, clients and otherwise, who once they learn to pull off the sundae effect solo or partnered can have orgasms or multiple orgasms that won't happen for them any other way.

Some women will claim they have trouble with combined sensations and want one at a time. You can train yourself out of this too. Sundae orgasms and pleasure isn't just for people who are good at them on the first try. By the way, you can't get detailed info on optimizing layered orgasms and pleasures from psychology-based sex therapists. Sophisticated physical pleasure-focused sex skills aren't part of the academic curriculum they study on their way to opening their practice. This is an example of a key difference between working with a sex therapist vs a sex life coach. All of my clients who have worked with sex therapists confirm this. Even some sex therapists who agree with me.

There's a lot more you can enjoy in sex than rinse/repeating the basics for the rest of your life. Learn to make an amazing sundae. That's the way to live a sex life fully. Layering pleasures and alternating what she chooses to layer in a given trip toward orgasm is my preferred way to establish multiple orgasms and simultaneously different kinds and variations of orgasm in women.

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