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Want a Sex-Date Night? Get a Room For Less!

I was just speaking with a couples client and they can't do their next session because there isn't enough privacy at home away from the kids. The solution?


Paying a full night's stay for a hot sex date night when you can be out for only two to three hours is too expensive for most people to justify. These websites are the answer. They list nice to very nice hotels that offer day rate rooms.

Clients of mine get a space for half or less of the regular rate for a six hour block, have their Talk Session or Guided Session with me, then make sexy magic for the rest of the time they have. I can also do the session remotely via Skype/FaceTime or another preferred VoIP, or be there in person if possible.

These websites have given parents back their sex lives. Private space for sex more often than on vacation; which can have zero privacy due to kids too! You will be date-nighting with great sex in store-- not just another dinner reservation and show/movie tickets. That's for when you were dating and not having sex yet. Why go back in time and be kidblocked from your sex life?

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