with Eric Amaranth


Our program will give you the sexual confidence and the abilities you need to turn desire into reality.  Have your first-time orgasm, or a combination of orgasms. Whether single or partnered, prepare to blend high-quality sexual skills with emotional intimacy. 


I have had the pleasure of learning both male and female pleasure from Eric. Eric has taught me so many various ways of pleasuring my body, I can’t believe I went so many years without this knowledge!

Taylor, age 30

Despite the fact that we are in our 70`s, Eric has been able to teach us more than a dozen new techniques in a few sessions.

George and Diana, on their Guided Sessions

My partner Mark and I have been wanting to spice our sex life back to where it was for a while now and Eric made it natural and enthralling, showing how the pieces all fit together. Great teacher!

Michael, age 48