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Eric Amaranth is a sex life coach who specializes in enhancement of women’s and men’s basic to advanced sex skills. After graduating from The College of William and Mary in 1999, he went on to become the ten-year protege of pioneering sex coach, the late, great, Betty Dodson, PhD. (1929 - 2020)

Eric’s body-focused sex education knowledge base and methodology set him apart from psychology-based sex therapists. His individual and couples clients are guided toward the intimacy, orgasm, and sexual pleasure goals they desire most. Upon request, he also coaches his clients on sexual health and sexually-transmitted disease avoidance via his Super Safe Sex methods.

Amaranth believes that for the majority of people, appreciation of ourselves and our romantic partners is one of the best sustainable resources we have to continuously renew attraction, maintain respect, and stay in romantic love with our partners. This bedrock of deep appreciation is founded and reinforced by the combination of loving relationship skills with breathtaking sexual techniques. It makes partners and spouses into lovers, not distant roommates. Sexual desire is easier to have when the sex is good and gets better over time. This feeling is a crucial oasis away from it all.

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