Sex Life Coaching Goes Beyond Standardized Sex

Standardized sex is the script and assumptions handed to us by our surrounding culture. That’s everything from restrictive religious directives on one hand to info gleaned from locker rooms, internet forums, and formulaic adult videos on the other. My clients are the people who want better than all that.

People ask me in interviews what I like about doing my job the most and I say the moments when the people I work for get enough of my info and skill sets in place to see their new reality begin to form. Then the phase, after they master more content, is the realization of how bad (or at best, limited) the sex life was that they left behind.

It’s more often pretty bad out there than not, and America is a free country! Another phase clients arrive at is watching most adult vids and seeing now everything that’s missing. Everything that isn’t being done that could be if they just knew better. Even sadder still, the amount of porn made for an ignorant demographic that will never know any better nor strive for it. Then a sigh of relief that they are free of that garbage. Including the barriers in their own minds that causes people to get in their own way while striving for  quality.

I like seeing the happiness and thrilled spirits of women who are newly multi-orgasmic and men (or women) with unheard-of confidence because they’re so good at helping to make those orgasmic women come so many times in different ways.

Two new male clients of mine was surprised to see I have such strong confidence in the bedroom around certain delicate topics. I told them that it’s like anything else. When you are passionate about doing something well, your fear goes away. Sex as an art form of the sense of touch is no different.

Imagine yourself being great at what you do and look forward to doing it till you master it. Don’t stop till it’s all yours.

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