Success Story! Reduction of Religious Sexual Inhibitions

I have a long-term client who told me in our most recent session that his wife finally relaxed some of her religion-based sexual inhibitions after implementing my sex life coaching. Religious restriction can be integrated into a great sex life or it can be divisive.

For years, she had fears and random thoughts that held her back from being passionate, enjoying sexual pleasure to the utmost, or doing more advanced forms of sex. After teaching my client how to combine two forms of genital stimulation into one greater pleasure, (like joining the treble and bass lines of music) it was such a hit that after it was all over she realized how her mind had gone too far with determining where religion drew the line.

Her neurology was naturally capable of such a strong pleasure and resulting orgasm if correctly stimulated, so in her perspective, that made it okay. Nothing her husband did that I taught him was forbidden. Another keyword was “husband.” She had leftover barriers to sex from her pre-marriage days. That may seem odd, but when you have certain habits for years, they can die very hard.

Quality pleasure and orgasm can bring additional clarity. That’s an understatement obviously. I’ve seen similar things happen with other women clients. When they say things like:

“This intensity is what I thought sex was going to be. When it wasn’t I was disappointed. That made sex me devalue sex to take it or leave it.”

You have to give people a good reason to change minds. That includes women too.

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