Low Sugar Snack Breaks Before or During Sex: Kind Bars

low sugar Kind BarsI coach my clients to have healthy snack options available if they’re hungry before starting a date night that swings right into sex, then dinner after (my preferred version). They wanted a sweet chocolate-oriented snack but couldn’t find one that was healthy enough until now.

Pictured above are three of Kind Bars’ latest products that are all 5 grams of sugar or less. They also have dark chocolate drizzled all over them. I’m a fan of dark chocolate, though for all you milk chocolate people out there, it’s not intense dark. Kind Bars are basically whole nut bars with very few other ingredients. They make a dark chocolate sea salt, with cinnamon, another with chili spice, and a fourth with vanilla and no chocolate.

Another way I like to enjoy food is between sex rounds, one could call it. A round of sex can be determined by a temporary stopping point between one or more orgasms or by coming to any kind of stopping point. Very often, a woman’s clitoris or a man’s penis is hyper-sensitive and needs time to return to normal so that stimulation of that area will be pleasurable again.

What’s not to love about a snack picnic in bed while enjoying a quick low sugar Kind Bar? It wont give you a sugar high and make you sleepy soon after when you’re in the middle of round 2 or 3. You can add cheese, wine, bottled water, grapes fed by hand, whatever else comes to mind.

Speaking of chocolate, I suggest a bar of Jacques Torres dark chocolate or if you can’t get that, the Endangered Species brand of chocolate. Dark chocolate in quantities of several ounces can give you a happy calm feeling and that’s great to combine with sex because that makes it easier to get into everything that’s hot and feels good; leaving your work day or other thoughts on the side lines.

The reason why I prefer dinner after sex is sometimes dinners can be big and that will sap your energy for sex afterward. If you’re going to eat before, eat smaller portions , then get in that bedroom, then finish with another something small afterward. There’s nothing like an appetite built up after great sex.

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