My Mentor, Betty Dodson, Named As One Of Cosmo’s Top Ten Sex Revolutionaries

applause for Betty DodsonMy sex life coaching mentor, Betty Dodson, was acknowledged by Cosmopolitan Magazine as one of the top ten sex revolutionaries of all time.I am happy to see Betty getting the acknowledgement she has deserved for years now. She told me all kinds of stories throughout the years about her erotic art exhibitions and what she heard said by some of the attendees. The b.s. she fought against from people mired in inescapable sexual ignorance. The epic stories of transformation of women’s groups and individuals, couples, and men.

One of the most interesting things about Betty’s education of me was in how she agreed and disagreed with the findings of many in the human sexuality advancement field. This continues to this day in both my work and hers.

And, Betty continues to make history.

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