Fears Of One’s Wish For Better Sex

sex life coaching roller coasterA mini-blog post! Every now and then, I receive an email via my website’s contact page from a prospective client who writes something to the effect of:

“After hearing about your work, it took me X years/months to get the courage to write you. I wanted to start my sex life coaching, but I’ve only now gathered the courage.”

When I talk with them during their consultation, I ask them what made them take the first step. Sometimes it’s just taking the plunge and others it’s a resentment of having gone so long without the sex life they dreamed of or the one they had no idea was possible. They reach the moment of, “Enough!”

I’ve also found that people think can feel alone with their interests in changing their sex life in the assumption that everyone else’s is perfect. Not true. Almost every sex life could utilize my coaching in one form or another. The “I’m the only one like this!” is a myth to let go of.

The roller coaster effect is what I call another fear category. It looks amazing, but the human mind can pull away from too much positive stimulus the same as it does most often from negative stimulus. As long as you’re this tall to ride, as the sign says, a much better sex life is part of what makes living a fruitful adult life so very great.

Another very common issue is fear of discussing their sex lives. The answer to this is when the coaching makes changes, people want more changes or bigger ones.  Like many other places in life, when there is a nice dividend paid, discussion fears disappear. However, clients can also choose to interact with me in a way where they are receiving my information in lecture-form, and accumulate more with each session, but choose to not divulge sex details. It makes the process less effective for obvious reasons, but it is an available option.

The bottom line is, unfounded fear can hold us back from something much better in life.


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