Too Much Sitting Is Hazardous: How To Fix It


imagesHere is a very interesting article on about how too much sitting due to desk jobs and sitting-related activities is bad for your health even if you have a good exercise plan in place. A NASA scientist did a study which proved that our bodies need stand-up time every 15 minutes. Just a stand and a dip in the knees and back up is all you need. Read on…

Again, I write on health and fitness info that’s hard to come by and makes an impact on our sex lives. I’ll bet that if everyone with a desk job or other long-time sitting endeavor stood for a few moments, even every 20 minutes which comes down to three times an hour, then people would reach the end of their day feeling better. That equates to more initiative to have sex if the opportunity is there that evening. Less television, more intimacy time and sexual enjoyment.

That’s right. You can’t spend your day sitting and then go home and sit some more. Everyday. It adds up firstly on your energy level, in my view, even before you get near other problems. The Mercola article also includes easy exercises for low back pain resolution and other maladies called, Foundational Exercising. The pic above has a table in it that looks like it can be adjusted for standing or sitting.

I’d like to get on a soap box for a moment to point out how when The Collective makes unseen negative impacts on us. The Collective is what I call that which is the widely understood state of the world/reality you live in as defined principally by those you share a community with, your culture, and your daily life patterns and necessities. Problems arise when things become “normal,” but they have unseen disadvantages to following them or worse, hazards.

Our world is a desk job world more so than it ever has been in human history. That is one particular state of the norm. Very often I coach people on how to make their own decisions that impact the success of their sex lives. One of the top three things that gets in the way of that goal is The Collective’s presumptions and social programming surrounding sex. This blog topic is an example of the same thing, except with a fitness and health issue. I can see people wondering why their co-workers stand to take a water break or bathroom etc at least three times an hour and think it odd. It breaks the almighty norm. It’s one thing when breaking a norm is a detriment and another when not breaking it is.

The fight to not allow other people’s viewpoints to have power over you when they are ill-informed ones is a crucial part of life from very early on. The best example in recent medical history is smoking. Smoking was part of that almighty norm for a long time. Smoking was allowed everywhere. People thought you were crazy if you spoke up about it. Or were being a crybaby or unsophisticated. Now, we know better about what smoking does to our health. Turns out the almighty norm wasn’t so almighty after all. I see electronic cigarette ads that sell the product on the point of its vapor won’t bother or endanger your friends and family.

So whether it’s sex, fitness, or any other accurate info that confuses or gives angst to The Collective, strive for and act upon that kernel of truth. It’s what benefits you most. Never forget that no one lives your life but you. Who knows? Maybe The Collective will catch on to the thing that’s so great for you. That’s what they call a trend. Then, suddenly you were the cool one who was doing it before it was popular. It’s so ironic that being trendy is by some people trumpeted and simultaneously attacked by others. What a world we would have if more people valued keeping their eyes peeled for valuable and beneficial trends and didn’t care about the blather from the peanut gallery.

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