Four Tips To Overcome Sexual Embarrassment

embarrEric Amaranth Describes Four Steps To Be Free of Sexual Embarrassment

I had a consultation call recently where my prospective client admired me for my complete freedom from embarrassment when discussing sex, and that was a big relief for her to find. I mentioned several things about how my past embarrassment of sex disappeared:

1.) Once people have quality, delicious food, they want more and value it. This was one of the first things that helped form the basis of comfort with my sex life. When it felt good or amazing to me and the women I shared it with, that did away with a lot of insecurity. The proof-positive of the sensations was justification for it holding a serious place in my life as well. That meant that my sex life became valued. Once that was established, embarrassment over something I value didn’t make sense anymore. If other people publicly derided sex, that was their bag and not mine. They could no longer influence me.

2.) Knowledge is power, but so is being calm and together. The more I learned and discovered about sex’s details and nuances, the more I became excited about it as an art form unto itself. That excitement and confidence is a positive feeling and does a lot to eliminate the negative or the anxiety of the uncertain. Excitement to discover more also replaces stress over the unknown. As far as calm and collected goes, in social conversations, I was able to contribute usable info while also being immune to negative responses due to what I knew sex really could be.

3.) The interest in helping and exchanging info gave me a practical goal and motivation to approach sexual subject matter with an eye toward truth-seeking and caring about sex. Caring for everything it can do for us, caring for its importance and excitement in your life, and caring about its growth. I left behind the old ways of framing sexuality in my mind and took on brand new ones where the embarrassment triggers no longer exist. My list of priorities changed along with the loss of embarrassment. I decided I would have what was possible and incredible.

4.) Not wanting to “be the weird one” is a point of embarrassment during the act or in conversation for many of us. The former can be swept away by knowing what things you want in your sex life. If that doesn’t fit for others you come in contact with, then conclude the evening and move on if it’s a possible romantic partner. Otherwise, move politely to the next subject. However, don’t take rudeness and attack from others. Find someone who clicks with you or wants to learn how to. When you visualize and then put events into action to meet that person, it will have been all worthwhile. Refuse to allow sex-negative people to bully you emotionally.

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