Interview With Eric Amaranth, Sex Life Coach Interviews Eric Amaranth and Asks About Sex and Better Sex

It was fun doing this interview. There was a lot of great material that didn’t make it in as well. The young woman said she thoroughly enjoyed our talk. I was happy to hear that not for typical reasons, but I could also hear by her tone that she really meant it. She got what I was talking about and loved what it spoke of.

I want to add a few things that were left out of some of the questions:

On if I believe in the “men want visual women want mental” images of sex. I would add to that it’s true that most women respond to well-written erotic depictions more powerfully than to most erotic video. Guys like the written too because I have found that as a gender, I’ve found very few men who have not or do not fantasize about sex where it’s not uncommon that women haven’t. I also find that live, in-front-of-you hot things trigger both genders more than video. Anyway, who cares, right? Well, that’s true to some degree but it’s important to move into our culture’s acceptance that women are sexual too, to honor that, and nurture it to its fullest within healthy contexts.

On the presumption that I’m a master in bed from first contact. One thing I would add to what I said is you become a master with a given person over time by learning their subtleties and developing new things together. This is the most important aspect to the answer I give to another age-old question: Can sex get better over time? Yes. Absolutely. In every one of my long-term sexual relationships this has been the case as long as the two of you actively strive for growth. You could say it’s a combination of knowing those woods like the back of your hand. Every leaf and berry and also finding more woods that weren’t there the day before.

I would add to the question on fantasies of infidelity that my sex life coaching doesn’t just air out issues and things are fixed. It’s a bit of that and also showing couples how to create the sex they want and then what they don’t yet know is possible. That is one need I show them how to get. If you haven’t already, Click here For the article.

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