The UK Sun Article On My Guided Sessions Sex Life Coaching

Here’s the link to The UK Sun’s Article on me and a couple who are Guided Session clients of mine. Hoever, most of my clients utilize my Talk Sessions for their sex life coaching.

The article has some snarky parts, but that’s to be expected these days. It also made some errors in its information that they present. The most glaring being how I supposedly ended my personal relationship with my mentor Betty to be with my current partner. Not true. I went for quite a while as a single guy afterwards. Still, it’s a great piece and I’m happy about it.

I was very surprised when I was told that the couple was okay with “going public” with who they are. I did not ask them to either. I didn’t know about it until just after they had been interviewed. I was appreciative though. That does help to make my work more real and accessible.

Hope you all had a great holiday and Happy New Year! -Eric

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