Clarifications and Elaborations on my Fox 5 interview.

Last night, I was on NYC’s Fox 5 news at 10 for a story on sex life coaching because they had seen the recent GQ Magazine in-print and online feature article about my work. I’d like to make some clarifications to the information they gave on my Guided Sessions and tell you about much of what I said that ended up on the cutting room floor after providing half an hour to 45 minutes of footage.

First, the most important inaccuracy to correct is when the newswoman states that I stand at the foot of the client or clients’ bed for my Guided Sessions. This is not true and not what I said during the interview. Standing at the foot of the bed would be too imposing and distracting. I sit at the side of the bed on the floor as was accurately stated in the GQ article. This creates the effect of making me as small and unnoticeable a presence as possible. I was at a Guided Session last night and my clients complimented me on my “bedside manner.” I gave guidance and felt invisible too.

Second, I was not depicted as able to do Skype and other internet-based video conferencing sessions when the majority of my clients work with me in that way whether or not they are in NYC. I have successful Talk Sessions or Guided Sessions via video conference.

Third, the newswoman states that I do offer “Talk Therapy,” as she puts it, before hyper-focusing on the Guided Session option. I am glad that they briefly mentioned that I do a talk-only format of coaching, but the correct designation is Talk Sessions, which is the most common way I work with clients.

Fourth, my interviewer was not the newswoman who covered the segment. I never got to speak with or meet that newsperson.

Those are the only clarifications I have because what you see me commenting on amounts to the first maybe… two questions of my interview. The bare bones. Fox news did not include footage of me talking about the following:

  • How having a strong sex life makes your parenting life better because your children see mom and dad spending more time together in positive and affectionate behavior instead of fighting over every little thing and being distant. Parents fighting have negative effects and heavy stress on kids first in how stable they feel their home life is which is of paramount concern to children. As children get older, their parents often become their models for romantic relationships later in life mostly on how to treat your beloved wife or husband. Even the Fox 5 cameraman agreed with me on children’s anxiety over parental bickering.
  • Great sex creates appreciation, as I say here on my site, and appreciation is a major cornerstone in preserving a romantic relationship. When sex is great, you are more likely to overlook the small stuff that builds into big explosions because sex is such a powerful connection when it’s amazing. Great sex also provides more patience with each other because you’re crazy about one another. When you’re not or that time was there in the beginning but not maintained, you go into roommate mode. That was something else I talked about in the interview.
  • How investing in your sex life now gives you plenty of time to enjoy it throughout the rest of your life as an oasis from life’s stresses and demands. How that oasis rejuvenates and sustains a romantic relationship and keeps the way you look upon your partner hot along with love. I talked about how clients get that and then have said how they become something like Gomez and Morticia Addams from the Addams family in that those characters are depicted as: “Wow, your parents are really into each other.” That’s a quote from the sequel to the Addams family movie. I remember when I heard that line and it immediately struck me that the kid who said it presented that fact as a statement of awe and in stark contrast to his parents’ relationship. Yes, it’s a movie, but art often reflects life. What I think is genius about those characters is they are so opposite from our culture… including the opposites of our weaknesses. Not just that we (most often) refrain from cutting down stop signs. Gomez and Morticia are crazy about each other no matter what and have their definition of amazing sex. That’s too often the opposite of what the rest of us have in the real world.
  • The point of the Guided Sessions. The reason why I make this service available to my clients. The fact is, as I said to a sex coaching colleague after she asked me why I do Guided Sessions, there are some times where clients will follow the information I give them in Talk Sessions, but still cannot implement the skills correctly or get a desired effect. We will discuss at length but in this case I’ll come to a point when I preface what I’m about to say with, “Well, without seeing what you’re doing…” because that’s exactly so. My Talk Sessions are talk-only. Another reason for my Guided Sessions is when a woman is interested in her first time orgasm or developing new orgasms, it will be an advantage to have my feedback there in the moment as my mentor Betty Dodson has proven time and again with her Private Sessions to observe what the client cannot see and does not know what she (or a couple) is doing that could be better or corrected. If they aren’t aware of these subtleties, then they aren’t able to tell me about them during a Talk Session. Lastly, there are clients who are ready for this form of learning and do learn faster due to immediate input just like anyone would learn dancing faster while dancing in front of their dance teacher or choreographer.

For those of you wondering why I didn’t have one of my clients on, none of them, past or present were willing to go on Fox news due to obvious anonymity concerns. I am happy to have the exposure and glad to see a conservative news source like Fox news even consider covering sex life coaching / sex coaching.

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