Blogging on my first Bachelorette Party!

One of my services is Bachelorette Parties or an all-women salon that talks about sex as I see it, some of my favorite sexual skill sets, and Q&A for all. Plus, wine and chocolate for all! The maid of honor was a friend of mine and saw my Wine and Chocolate Salons listed as “coming soon” on the site. She wanted one now.

Her idea was to have a sexy-themed and spirited bachelorette party, with a man there, but without going the stripper route. Something refined and practical too. They could always go out to a strip club afterward, I was told. The bride also wanted some new sexual skills for her wedding night. She had been with her fiance for several years already having sex, but knew her shortcomings and wanted one or two fixed as a surprise. It’s is a new way to fashion the wedding night if a couple has been having sex before the, “I do’s.” Modern Wedding, right?

The bachelorette party was held at the maid of honor’s (M.o.H) apartment. I brought flavorful wine and locally-made chocolate and had everything set up beforehand. The M.o.H had also ordered in some other things to eat as well, which created a dinner and dessert for all. Once almost everyone had arrived, we began. It’s the bride’s night, so the first wish for what to learn went to her. She wanted her oral sex on her man while she self-pleasured skills to finally knit together to where she could orgasm while indulging him and herself in what was a very erotic scenario for her and him– a more advanced sexual goal comparatively. (Not all brides are this comfortable with openly discussing, I’m sure, but asking about something without revealing what she does works just fine too.)

I began my coaching with describing different mindsets for different erotic objectives. That helped her a lot and the other women in the room agreed that they’d not thought of my methods and would try them too. A few were feverishly taking notes on iPhones and iPads. Apparently it was data they’d not heard before. Then I went on to physical sexual skills tweaking. I described verbally and imitated with my hands what I recommended for making the right moves in this case. The bride gave me some feedback and asked a detail-oriented question on what I was doing and then, “Ah’ed!” when out of that a recurrent problem for her was clarified.

A few more women asked for paper and pen. Then I went into how to combine the mental and the physical and some other hot gestures for her to do for him into a position that makes orgasm easier and usually bigger for the woman. Then I gave a whole new definition to the term, “simultaneous orgasm” when placed into the context of this particular sexual activity, and then how best to create that. The room lit up with excitement at the thought and one woman said she wished that would happen but found it difficult to time correctly. We fixed that with more instruction.

One woman from the crowd asked how to accept a man’s issue into her mouth without risking gagging, which was not sexy for her. Others “uh-huh’ed” in interest. I showed how I teach that and once again, everyone put another golden technique into their bags to take home that both they and I knew would change their sex lives.

Wine and chocolate was always available and everyone went and partook as they wanted. I heard from the crowd that the refreshments were helping them wind down all on their own, which made any butterflies about sex talk flutter away. We talked and talked for several hours more with lots of questions peppering me once they felt they were in a unique and safe space. All the wine was drunk and the chocolate too. One participant said she’d like to throw a Vodka and Grapefruit Salon for her and her friends. I also got a new sex life coaching Talk Sessions client that night from that group!

I’ve also done all-women wine and chocolate salons. They went down in similar fashion to the bachelorette party you just read about, but with themes heading more toward how to enhance their sex lives with their husbands or a girlfriend. Nothing was out of bounds for discussion and once I took a break to eat while the women talked amongst themselves about things they maybe never had discussed together before and finding the common ground of similar experience.

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