“How did sex life coaching make you fall in love again?” part 1

Falling in love again after the new sex therapy.Some of Eric Amaranth’s sex life coaching clients (names changed) tell him what made them fall in love with their partners again.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I keep hearing from my married clients how they’ve fallen in love again. I wanted to be able to share with readers how those clients and former clients responded in their own words when I asked:

“Would you say that you both fell back in love with your spouse after you two received my coaching? What changes gave been made in how close you feel to her or him?” Beth wrote the following and it was a slightly different but related perspective:

For me, our love is tied to intimacy and trust, and ultimately, the desire to forgive each other all of our little aggrivations toward each other, day to day, because we can’t imagine not wanting to make each other happy in the end. We have our selfish moments, but they past and we forgive. So no, I fell back in -lust- with my husband. Your teaching helps me to know how to keep that going, and make it better than most even realize is possible.

I used the skills that you teach to see myself as a sexual person and rekindle my fire. I went from an attitude that sex just wasn’t as important to women as men, to believing that without a good sex life, a relationship is incomplete. So when I was ready to work on my partnered sex life, I used the skills you taught as ways to make sex exciting again, and for the first time since we were young, something we both wanted equally. Also something that we both knew needed more skill than what it took when we were both fresh to the relationship and where sex still had the glow of newness for us.

Stay tuned for part two! -Eric

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